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    Ordinary membership may be accorded to persons satisfying membership eligibility.

    Ordinary membership may be accorded to persons satisfying membership eligibility.

    Eligibility for ordinary membership.

    1. The minimum age of membership is 21 years of age.
    2. The applicant must be of good reputation, integrity, and behaviour.
    3. Applicants shall be in employment for a period of not less than six months prior to submitting the application for processing.
    4. Applicants shall pay the due membership fees determined by CAC.
    5. For Civil Aviation/Public and Private sector employees:
      1. If an applicant is holding a position of director, the applicant should obtain recommendations from two members of CAC.
      2. All other applicants must have the recommendation from two members of CAC before submission and then submit for final approval before the Approval Committee.

    Procedures for Enrolment

    1. The CAC membership forms are available at the club and are to be fully completed by the applicant. The applicant must include the following with the submitted form. a) Two (2) passport size photographs.

       For employees –

    1. Salary Certificate. If employed: Copies of certificates of business registration, Statement of accounts
    2. One recent Passport size Photograph of your spouse (if Spouse Card required
    3. Copy of Marriage Certificate & ID Card (If Spouse Card required)
    4. Photocopy of Passport /or identification card.
    5. For boat owners who are interested in using CAC marine facilities, they must submit a valid boat registration from the appropriate authority and valid marine insurance policy, along with their application form. (Third party coverage being the minimum requirement acceptable by the CAC.) The application for renewal of CAC membership is subject to the approval of the Board Committee. Rejection of an applicant for renewal may be made without giving any specific reasons.
    6. Upon an applicant’s declaration and acceptance to undertake and to abide by the rules and regulations, the application form can be submitted for processing. Once approved, CAC membership shall be issued only after full payment of applicable fees.

    Annual Membership Fees

    1. Membership fees are charged from the 1st January to 31st December each year. Charges are subject to revisions as determined by the Board Committee.
    2. New Members may be enrolled at any time of year upon payment of the applicable Membership fee.
    3. A sum of R. O. Twenty (20) shall be paid for re-issue of membership cards in the event of loss or damage.
    4. Membership Fees are not refundable in the event of withdrawal, cancellation of membership or upon the death of a member.
    5. CAC Membership is not transferable.
    6. It is a membership condition for those using the boatyard facilities that CAC reserves the right to dispose of by public auction, any boat left unclaimed in the boatyard, and for which fees have not been paid for a period of one year.
    7. Any monies recovered from the auction shall become the property of CAC and claim shall not be entertained for reimbursement.


     Cancellation of Membership

    1. Cancellation of CAC Membership is subject to the following.
    2. Upon failure to fulfil the eligibility criteria as defined in clause 3.2.
    3. Upon failure to pay renewal membership fees.
    4. A decision of the Board Committee to terminate the membership.
    5. Resignation or Death of Member.
    6. If a member deliberately violates the rules or conditions of CAC Membership. (Clause 5-Discipline code)
    7. Ex-Members do not have the right to claim for any funds given as donations to CAC, neither are they entitled to enter the facilities as guests.
    8. Families of the deceased members do not have any claim on gifts or funds given by the members as donations to CAC.

             Yearly  Membership fees 

    1   Membership fees for Civil Aviation staff/ MOTC
    R.O. 50/-
    3   Membership fees for associated Members  R.O. 170/-
    4   Supplementary membership cards for spouse R.O. 20/-
    5   Shaded parking per boat  R.O. 350/-
    6   Entry fees per guest R.O. 3/- Per visit
    7   Duplicate membership card (if lost) R.O. 20/-
    8   Football ground charges R.O. 70/- Night (90 Mins)   R.O. 50/- Day (90 Mins)