• Chalets

    Our Family/ Bachelor Chalets provide pleasant, comfortable accommodation, and are designed to blend with and benefit from the seaside location. All our Chalets enjoy fine ocean views from their own private balconies. The Chalets are fan cooled and have comfortable chairs, table, kitchen, showers and toilets with service staff on call.

    Our Chalets are great for relaxing with friends and family and offer great coastal views. It allows you to have the enjoyment of a beach hut for a shorter time period without having to commit to the whole season.

    Family Chalets:- First come first serve per day basis  Air Conditioned - RO 10.000/ Non-Air Conditioned - RO 5.000 + Free Chalets 

    Bachelor Chalets:- First come first serve per day basis  Air Conditioned - RO 10.000/ Non-Air Conditioned for Free.

    BBQ Stands available for the day, rent @ RO 1.000