• Boat Yard

    There is plenty of space for hard standing your boat at Civil Aviation Club boatyard. We can accommodate boats small or medium size and also plenty of space for jet skis. The yard is open 7 days a week and boat owners are free to come and go to work on their boats as they please. There is 24 hour CCTV monitoring with main gates which are locked at night. Berth holder area has a key to the entrance gate with unrestricted access and Security cum attendant 24X7 in the area.

    To shoot the boat in and recover back we possess a high power 4WD industrial tractor with a carrier boom of 8 - 10 meters with driver well experienced in all the situations.

    Prices are charged per vehicle yearly basis. Please check the price list for further details.

    Boatyard Safety - Please observe the following:

    ■ Our staff is highly experienced, please listen to their advice and follow their instructions regarding safety.
    ■ Whilst your boat is ashore, do not attempt to move any hull supports e.g. shores, cradles etc without the direct supervision of marina staff.
    ■ Children are not permitted to play in the boatyard and must be closely supervised at all times.
    ■ All debris must be disposed of at the end of each working day. Electrical leads, debris or equipment shall not be left in such a manner as to pose a ‘trip hazard’
    ■ Members are reminded of the hazards associated with working high above the ground on the decks of their boats, on scaffolding or up ladders.
    ■ When using a ladder, members are strongly advised to tie off the top of the ladder to the boat to prevent the ladder slipping when in use. Members are advised to supply their own ladders for accessing their vessels when ashore.
    ■ Vehicles should be driven with extreme care in the vicinity of the boatyard.
    ■ Hull and keel blasting may only be undertaken with the consent of the Marina Charge-hand.