• Our Vision

    Relaxation including first class bar and restaurant, indoor game facilities.

    Civil aviation club has all facilities for leisure and relaxation including first class bar and restaurants, indoor game facilities, health club, swimming pool, children’s play area, private beach and exclusive chalets to ensure your privacy and freedom.


    • Ethics:  In our day to day work, we conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity, responsibility, patriotism, and respect.
    • People-oriented:  People are our biggest asset, we invest in them and work hard to build the relationship with the community.
    • Innovation:  We encourage creativity and imagination that adds and creates value for the club and members.
    • Dynamism:  We lead the change by keeping an eye on the future and being ready for constantly transforming a world of aviation.
    • Excellence:  We will not rest on our accomplishments, but continue to improve because we believe that in the race for excellence, there is no finish line.