• CAC Rules & Regulations

    1. Members and their guests are expected to be fully conversant with CAC rules and regulations. These rules are intended to create a comfortable and safe environment for all users and facilitate the efficient operations of the club.

    General rules

    1. CAC reserves the right of admission.
    2. CAC reserves the right to control access during special events.
    3. Members are obliged to produce the membership cards when requested by the member of CAC staff.
    4. Guests of members are welcome at CAC, upon payment of the entry fees as detailed in appendix 1. Gate coupons should be shown to the service waiter/waitress on request.
    5. Entry restricted only through the gate. A minimum speed of 20kph must be observed in the premises. In the case of instances of underage driving at CAC, the vehicle number will be notified to the appropriate authorities.
    6. Cars should be parked in designated areas only. No cars should be parked for more than a day.
    7. It is forbidden to bring alcohol to the club premises as per ROP rules and regulations.
    8. CAC shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage or theft of a member’s property.
    9. It is forbidden to swim or play near the ramp area. It is also forbidden to use jet skis near the beach areas and driving of quads/motorcycles on the beach.
    10. Swimming is allowed but at members’ own risk. CAC shall not be held responsible for any death or injury.
    11. Members shall be held responsible for the cost of any damage to the club property or any other public or individual‘s property within CAC premises. This applies to the member, his /her family or guests.
    12. Members, their families, and their guests must respect the culture, sentiments, and feelings of the other Members of the club.
    13. CAC requirements for the proper dress code must be respected.
    14. It is strictly prohibited to use indecent language or utter insulting remarks against other people, the CAC administration and /or its functioning.
    15. It is prohibited to bring pets onto the CAC premises.
    16. All areas must be left clean and tidy, and garbage should be put in the waste-bins provided.
    17. Extreme caution should be exercised when lighting barbecues, to avoid any damage to the beach huts and facilities. In the event of damage, members shall be responsible for the cost of repairs/replacement.
    18. The closing time of the bar and the club premises must be respected. These are displayed on the notice board in the reception area.
    19. Rules will be published and may be amended from time to time as may be deemed necessary. The interpretation of these rules is the responsibility of the CAC Board Committee.


    1. The operation of the licensed facilities of CAC is subject to the Royal Oman Police (ROP) liquor license’s regulations. Members are advised that breaching of the rules may cause legal proceedings to be brought against the CAC individual concerned.
    2. The bar hours are subject to agreement with R. O. P. and shall be displayed at the bar and on the club notice board in the reception area. When required for pre-arranged CAC activities the board Chairman may close the bar.
    3. Alcoholic beverages will be served by the CAC bar staff. All bottles and cans will be opened at the bar counter.
    4. Alcoholic beverages are for consumption within CAC premises and in assigned areas only.
    5. Persons under (21) twenty-one years of age are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages and are strictly excluded from the bar games room and TV lounge.
    6. Sponsored events or functions are not allowed to operate “open bar” arrangements to serve alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks unless prior permission is obtained from Chairman of the board committee.
    7. It is strictly prohibited from entering the clubhouse wearing shorts or bathing costumes.
    8. Any member of the board committee has the right to instruct the Manager to close the bar or to stop serving a person or a group of persons if the situation is in the interests of the safety and security of the club.

    Power and Sail Boats

    1. Fees for the storage and handling services shall be described in Appendix 1.
    2. The storage, handling, launching and retrieval facilities shall be at members’ own risk. The CAC shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss, theft or accident.
    3. Boat insurance and registration are mandatory requirements for all boat owners. CAC shall not allow the launching or retrieval facilities to be made available for any boat without valid documentation.
    4. Boat owners and users shall comply with all government requirements with respect to usage, including fishing regulations and protection of the environment.
    5. Boat owners/users must register with the CAC staff concerning their departure time, destination, and estimated time of arrival. (ETA). They must also provide the complete list of names of persons on board the boat.
    6. If the boat is overdue for more than two hours (2) from the stated ETA, the appropriate authorities shall be notified to commence search and rescue operations. Any charges arising from this procedure shall be to the account of the boat owner.
    7. Boat owners /users are prohibited from operating in the vicinity of the swimmers. They should also take precautions not to untangle fishing nets.
    8. To protect the environment and comply with the regulations, it is strictly prohibited to dumb any garbage over the board.
    9. All boats should carry on the board the mandatory requirements of the appropriate safety regulations including life jackets, distress flares etc. It is also advisable to carry on the board mobile telephones and supply of fresh water.
    10. CAC reserves the right to relocate boats within the storage yard from the assigned parking positions.


    1. Members may bring up to 6 at any one time.
    2. Members must sign in their guests at the entrance gatehouse.
    3. Members are responsible for their guests and should ensure that their guests comply with the rules and regulations of the CAC. Members must accompany their guests at all times.
    4. Guests are prohibited from purchasing and signing for goods and services within CAC premises.
    5. The number of guests stipulated in clause 4. 1 may be increased provided prior approval is obtained from the board chairman through club manager.
    6. It is prohibited for members to organize or sponsor parties at CAC premises for the purposes of generating profit for their own benefit from the sales of tickets to their guests or other members.
    7. Members and guests of mixed races, cultures, and customs, use CAC facilities. The behaviour of members, their families, and their guests should, therefore, reflect this diversity and show appropriate respect.

    Discipline Code

    1. Noncompliance with the rules and regulations of CAC shall be considered a breach of the conditions of membership and may result in:
    2. A verbal or written warning depending upon the circumstances.
    3. A member who continues to commit offences after being verbally cautioned and after being given a written warning shall have his membership cancelled.

    Members Comments/Complaints

    1. Constructive comments and suggestions are welcomed by the CAC, and members are encouraged to deposit their proposal in the suggestion box located in the reception area.
    2. If a member is dissatisfied with any facility or has specific grievances against any member of the CAC staff, he should follow the procedures outlined below.

    Dissatisfaction with facility /service

    1. In the first instance, inform CAC management of the circumstances involving the complaint.
    2. If dissatisfied with the response /action taken by the management, submit either a detailed report in writing addressed to the Chairman or request and seek an appointment with Chairman to discuss the issue.

    Grievance against any CAC staff

    1. Under no circumstances should a member or guest berate an employee of CAC.
    2. If a member has the grievance against an employee of CAC, he should first report about the individual with details of the circumstances to CAC management.
    3. If after an investigation by the CAC management, the member is still dissatisfied, he should implement the PROCEDURES outlined in 6. 2. a. II